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  • These "non-firing replicas" are only sold and shipped to countries within the European Union.
  • These "non-firing replicas" are only sold to people over 18 years.
  • It is illegal to ship and sell these "non-firing replicas" to residents of the Netherlands.
  • Shipping "non-firing replicas" to Italy is not possible.
  • Residents of Belgium can order but must personally pick up the item(s) at our warehouse. (Heikant 140 A, 9240 Zele)
  • If you do make a purchase and you do not meet these conditions you will pay all cancellation costs.

Lee Enfield rifle, United Kingdom (Non-firing replica)

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180,00 €

Lee-Enfield rifle, United Kingdom (Non-firing replica)

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Very realistic Review by alan
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Have used one of theses in my younger days, and is a convincing replica, a thing of beauty worth every penny and very pleased with it. (Posté le 13/04/2018)
Wow Review by Luke
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Very realistic greta's gun (Posté le 12/01/2016)
Well worth the wait Review by Luke
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Arrived on time and I was very pleased with the gun very realistic . (Posté le 12/01/2016)
Beautiful Review by Bryn
Having worked with the real live firing versions of these replica's i can safely say this is a good replica. Brass butt plate, correct amount of sling loops to fit canvas sling, working mechanism so you can cock the weapon and dry fire it for some authenticity. Parts are accurately sized and weighted, even has the bayonet lug fitted on the nose cap.
Only a few things that let this otherwise superb replica down, cast metal safety switch and rear sights - meaning the safety is NOT functional and the rear sights do not pop up. But as this is a display item it doesn't really matter.
The firing bolt can sometimes need convincing to get into place but i suspect that is down to the weapon being over-oiled before it was delivered.
Apart from the few bad points id still give this replica 9/10 based on value for money and quality of the rifle. (Posté le 03/03/2015)

4 article(s)

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Assembled/kit, non-firing DENIX Replica Models should be used ONLY in the home as scale model displays or collector's item, or for theatrical or training purposes. They should ALWAYS be used under the supervision of a responsible adult. They should NEVER be carried on the street, pointed at anyone, hidden on your person, or left carelessly in your car. DO NOT leave them where they are accessible to unsupervised children or irresponsible adults.

The carrying, handling or brandishing in public of any model that resembles a real weapon may be in violation of the law, may create undue apprehension on the part of law enforcement officers or other persons, and could result in INJURY to the person handling the model. Be sure to check your local laws for any restrictions regarding replica guns.


Do not let children play with these models. It is not a plaything, and could cause harm if used improperly. Risk of entrapment in moving parts of the trigger mechanisms.

Do not point these models at other people, even as a joke. It could cause alarm or be seen as a threat, with serious or even deadly consequences. Avoid excessive dry-firing as this may cause breakage. To avoid mechanical failures, keep these models clean and lightly lubricated.

The manufacturer, distributor, or seller disclaims any and all responsability for the improper use of these DENIX models.